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Corporate Social Responsibility

Jupiter Dye Chem's Objective on Corporate Social Responsibility

Jupiter Dye Chem strives to facilitate welfare measures of the Society based on immediate and long term commitment, aimed to have targeted and widespread impact. This is also reflective of the fact that such an approach serves both enlightened business interest and social good. We run our social programs on a strong foundation of ethical principles, good governance and sound management.

Jupiter Dye Chem's CSR Policy

Our Company's CSR Policy aims at contributing to the activities or projects duly monitored by CSR committee and in accordance with the Companies Act, 2013 and Schedule VII of the Act.
  • CSR Projects/Activities/Programmes: On the recommendation of CSR Committee and in compliance of Companies Act and Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rules, 2014, the Company may undertake projects, activities and programmes with special emphasis on Education, Eradicating Hunger and Poverty, Rural Development, Providing training and promoting rural sports and Health care including preventive health care.

  • Geographical Reach for CSR Spending: The Company's headquarter being situated at Mumbai and other offices in Gujarat, Karnataka and Kerala, its trading operations are extended across the Country. Thus, the Company may undertake CSR projects and activities in Mumbai, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala and other parts of India.

  • Governance and Management: The CSR Committee is the apex body that oversees our CSR policy and programs. The Committee comprises of the following Directors:
    • Mr. Nimesh Chokhani - Chairman
    • Mr. Ashok Chokhani - Member
    • Mr. Sellappan Nagalingam - Member

  • Implementation: The implementation of the CSR programs happens through multiple channels -
     a. Directly by the Company or in association with any other Company.
     b. Through Registered Trust, Society or Section 8 Company
     c. By Donation to Eligible Entities or Contribution to Eligible and / or approved projects, activities or programmes.
    Decisions in this regard are based on what is most appropriate and are taken by the CSR leadership of the Company.

  • Monitoring of CSR Projects/Activities/Programmes: The CSR Committee at the beginning of each financial year prepares list of activities, projects and programmes which the Company proposes to undertake during the financial year and from time to time monitors the expenditure / contributions made towards such projects, activities and programmes approved by the Board.

Details about the domains of our engagement

Domains of Engagement: Jupiter Dye Chem's CSR centers on Education, Health care, Community Care, Promoting Sports and Rural Development.
  • Education: Engaging in deep and meaningful systematic work in the area of school and college education. In parallel, our focus is providing general support for education activities and making an impact on accessibility to education for underprivileged and person with disabilities.
  • Health Care including preventive health care: Providing free medical services to underprivileged and providing financial help to various medical research institutions.
  • Rural Development: Providing financial assistance and other facilities for developing a clean environment for the people in rural areas and improving their standard of living.
  • Eradicating Hunger and Poverty: Providing food and other basic facilities to the underprivileged people.
  • Training and promoting sports: Providing training and other sports related facilities to the people in rural areas for promoting nationally and Olympic recognized sports.